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Floating Magic Candles

Floating Magic Candles

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Magic Floating Candles are like pretend candles with special lights that look like real fire but don't actually burn. They make your room feel magical!
PACKAGE INCLUDES - 12 PCS Floating Candles, 12 hooks, 1 wand-shaped remote control / 20 PCS Floating Candles, 20 hooks, 1 wand-shaped remote control

You get a bunch of these special candles, some hooks, and a wand that you can use to make them light up. You need to put batteries in them to make them work.

What's really cool is you can hang them up high like they're floating in the air, and they'll make your room look like a magical place, just like in fairy tales!

These candles can stay lit for a long time, and they're safe to use because they don't get hot. So, it's okay if you have pets or little brothers and sisters.

You can use them for special occasions like birthdays, Halloween, and Christmas, or just to make your room look super cool.

And guess what? You get a magic wand remote control to turn them on and off. It's like being a wizard from a storybook, and you can practice your magic skills with it. So much fun!