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Smart 4k Projector

Smart 4k Projector

Transform any space into your personal movie theater with our easy-to-setup, lightweight projector.
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  • 📲 Effortless Connectivity: Easily link your smartphone or tablet!
  • ✅ High-Quality Guaranteed: Native HD resolution
  • 🍿 Enjoy easy access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services directly from your projector!
  • ✔️ Quick Setup: Just press, project, and play!
  • 🎧 Immersive Sound: Crisp and clear audio for a memorable movie night!
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" Just got this little projector and WOW, it's so easy to use. Had an awesome movie night in the backyard. Picture quality is pretty good considering it's so small, and setup was a breeze! "
Linda L.

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If you are not fully satisfied with the outcome, we will reimburse you.


Portable and Lightweight

With a weight of about 1.0 kg and its compact dimensions, our projector offers excellent portability, allowing you to effortlessly transport and install it in diverse settings to cater to your entertainment requirements!

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Easy Setup and Adjustment

You can easily set up this multimedia projector thanks to its manual focus and automatic keystone correction features, which ensure clear and well-aligned images. Its user-friendly design makes the viewing experience even better!

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Get comfortable and prepare for some cozy movie nights!

Enhance your viewing experience with the Cosy Projector, equipped with Android 11. Enjoy easy access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services directly from your projector. It's quick, straightforward, and smart – entertainment right at your fingertips

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🍿 Create Magical Movie Nights with the Mini Spotlight Projector! 🍿

Transform your ordinary living room into a captivating cinematic experience with our Mini Spotlight Projector. Say goodbye to dull evenings and hello to cozy, heartwarming movie nights. 🎥✨

 Key Features 

🌠 Compact and Portable: Our mini projector is designed to bring the magic wherever you go. Set it up in your backyard, bedroom, or even your den, and let the movie adventure begin!

🌌 Stunning Projection Quality: Immerse yourself in high-definition picture quality and vibrant colors. Our projector will make your favorite films and TV shows come to life.

🎬 Easy Setup: Don't worry about complicated installations. With a user-friendly design, our Mini Spotlight Projector is a breeze to set up. Just plug and play, and you're ready to go!

🌙 Romantic Starry Night Mode: Set the mood with our built-in starry night projection. Let the stars twinkle above you as you snuggle with your loved ones. ❤️

🎧 Immersive Sound: Crisp and clear audio is essential for a memorable movie night. Connect your speakers or headphones for an exceptional sound experience.

🪑 Cozy and Inviting Atmosphere: Get ready to make unforgettable memories. Our Mini Spotlight Projector is perfect for family gatherings, date nights, or just some alone time. Create a warm and inviting ambiance with every use.

🎁 Perfect Gift: Looking for a unique gift for a movie enthusiast? This Mini Spotlight Projector is an ideal present that will bring joy and entertainment to your loved ones.

✨ Specifications ✨

  • Input/Output: HDMI, POWER, USB
  • Remote Controller Included: YES
  • Built-in Speaker: YES
  • Battery: No
  • Bluetooth-Compatible: YES
  • Category: Projectors

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your movie nights and add a touch of magic to your home. Order your Mini Spotlight Projector today and start creating wonderful, warm memories with your loved ones. 🏡✨

Get ready to cuddle up, grab your popcorn, and press play – because movie nights will never be the same again! 🍿🎉

  • Ashley A.

    “The second I ordered, this time for my bf! ☺️ I am absolutely thrilled with what the projector offers for such a price. It comes with the built in android, so all the apps I use (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Youtube etc.) already downloaded and ready to use!”

  • James P.

    “One more happy customer! Good product, easy to install and use. You can adjust the size and adjust the borders. The image is so good even on the wall!”

  • Brett K.

    “My mini projector arrived very well-packed, protected, and safe. Arrived long before the deadline in Canada, I have not yet tested but right away it is a good product for the price to be paid, great store and company, impressed by the speed that arrived...”

  • Susan A.

    “This is a great little projector for a kids room or travel. I've tried 4 different mini-projectors in the last two years and this is as good as anything else I've tried! 😍 ”


Don't wait—grab your Smart 4k Projector now, and if you're not overjoyed, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Take your movie experience to new heights risk-free! Try the CosyCove Home Cinema Spotlight and if you're not absolutely thrilled within 30 days, we'll refund you every penny. Your cozy night in awaits!

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How portable is the Mini Spotlight Projector, and where can I use it?

Our Mini Spotlight Projector is compact and portable, allowing you to set it up in various locations, such as your backyard, bedroom, or den, for movie nights anywhere you desire! 🍿🎬

Can I watch Netflix?

Certainly! The Smart 4k Projector operates on the Android 11.0 platform, enabling you to easily install Netflix and other streaming apps directly from the Google Play Store. You won't require additional streaming devices like Fire TV or Chromecast. After connecting the projector to Wi-Fi and signing in to your Netflix account, you're ready to enjoy uninterrupted viewing of your beloved shows and movies on the large screen.

Do I have to purchase additional items like a Fire TV to stream Netflix, or can I use my phone instead?

No, you don't need to purchase separate items like a Fire TV. The Smart 4k Projector features a built-in Android operating system that lets you directly access and stream from apps such as Netflix via the Google Play Store. Additionally, its wireless casting capability allows you to effortlessly mirror content from your phone or compatible devices. It's a versatile, all-inclusive solution for all your streaming requirements!

Is the setup of the Mini Spotlight Projector easy to handle?

Absolutely!Setting up our Mini Spotlight Projector is a breeze with its user-friendly design. Just plug and play, and you're all set for your movie night!

What options do I have for audio, and can I connect external speakers?

You can enjoy crisp and clear audio with the built-in speaker, and you also have the option to connect external speakers or headphones for an exceptional sound experience!

How long will it take to get my order?

We offer express delivery right to your doorstep for free! Currently, our shipping time for US orders is 3-7 business days. Please note that we may require 24 to 72 hours for processing prior to shipment.

Can I get a Refund if I don't like the product?

We offer30 daysof worry-free shopping with our Return Policy! Your satisfaction is our priority. Explore more details at Refund Policy.

Is buying Multimedia Projector a good idea?

Yes, over 12,000 of our Happy Customers think so! 😊🍿 Picture this: a cozy haven, dim lights, and the allure of your favorite films unfolding on a screen that transcends the ordinary. If you've ever dreamt of turning your living room into a private cinema, you're about to discover the key to unlocking that magic!