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Vacuum Sealer For Mason Jars

Vacuum Sealer For Mason Jars

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Seal & Preserve With Ease

Extend the shelf life of your favorite foods with the Saker Electric Vacuum Sealer for Mason Jars. This versatile, hands-free, and fully electric device is both rechargeable and portable. Say farewell to food waste while saying hello to long-lasting freshness. Enjoy the convenience of a modern kitchen essential that enhances your cooking and reduces waste. Whether you're meal prepping, storing garden harvests, or keeping your spices and grains fresh, this vacuum sealer will be your trusted partner. Elevate your kitchen experience and embrace the future of food preservation.

Why Choose Sakerplus Electric Vacuum Sealer For Mason Jars

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Sakerplus Electric Vacuum Sealer For Mason Jars is So Easy to Use

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

About Sakerplus

Sakerplus is a company that designs and manufactures professional-grade tools for construction work and home maintenance. With over 20 years of experience in the industry and over 2 million customers served since our conception, we have developed a reputation of trust and quality with our valued customers.

Our quality and efficient products are easy to use for everyday people but strong enough to make a professional builder proud. Our award-winning customer service cannot be beaten, and our team of knowledgeable handy people is always ready to help you with your DIY project!

Sakerplus Has Over 64,000 Positive Reviews!

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I love being able to re-seal a canned good. Sometimes in the fridge or back on the shelf where I want my dry goods (nuts, chips, cookies, pretzels, even flour and sugar) to retain freshness. Nice not to have to haul out the big vacuum sealer just to re-seal a jar. Two thumbs up!!

Miranda H.

Total game changer. I keep all my spices in mason jars and now I can keep them fresh after every use by vacuum sealing the jars after each use. I don't have space to keep my vacuum sealer on the countertop... and I don't want to lug it out every night and put it away for a few jars of spice. Now I don't need to as this little thing fits nicely in the drawer or sits right on the shelf corner. And it doesn't eat up your batteries either. I've been using mine daily for months and I still have 62% power (it shows you on the display... again... so convenient!)

Vanna W.

I really like this electric vacuum sealer for jars. It makes it so easy to seal up food so it’s fresh, or if you’re only making one or two jars of jam, you can actually seal it without doing the whole water bath method or pulling out the pressure canner. Mostly though, I just use it for keeping food fresh and getting a little extra shelf life out of things. I highly recommend this if you like to store things in jars.

Megan L.



Prolong Freshness with One Button.

Prevent stale goods with the press of a button. TrueBright™ effortlessly seals and preserves, ensuring fresher goods for longer.*


Open, Serve, Reseal. Keep it Fresh*


Long-Lasting Seal in 30 Seconds.

Maintain freshness longer with a quick, airtight seal thanks to its powerful vacuum pump.


Ditch The Complicated Sealers

Compact and cordless, TrueBright™ easily vacuum seals your mason jars, fitting perfectly in your drawer.


Compatible with Standard Store Lids.

With its all-in-one design, you can vacuum seal regular or wide-mouth jars effortlessly, no extra accessories needed.


Safe Seal for Dry Goods and Liquids.

Seal liquids securely with its powerful vacuum. Refrigeration is essential to prevent spoilage for any non-shelf-ready items.*

Seal Multiple Jars on a Single Charge!

TrueBright™ offers extended sealing capacity with its USB-rechargeable, low-consumption battery. Seal numerous jars on one charge!